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Registered Organic by Demeter
UK6 no.338


One of most popular products, this delicious wholemeal bread flour makes a lovely nutty loaf, with excellent flavour and texture. Ideal for making bread by hand or in a bread-maker.


For scones, bannocks, cakes and pastries, this flour is rich on flavour and high in fibre. It is particularly popular in wholemeal shortbread.


Used a great deal in German and Scandinavian baking this flour is also ideal for those on a low wheat or low-gluten diet, and makes an excellent sourdough rye bread.

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MEDIUM OATMEAL (Organic & conventional)

This medium-ground oatmeal is perfect for traditional porridge, soaked over night to create a wholesome and delicious breakfast. It's great toasted to make Cranachan, or in oatcakes, stuffing or a variety of other uses.

COARSE OATMEAL (Organic & conventional)

The rougher texture of this oatmeal lets the nutty flavour through. Perfect for those who like their porridge 'with bits in', it also makes excellent skirlie.

Vegetarians in paradise - peas
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Peasemeal is a highly versatile, healthy and nutritious food used since Roman times and growing again in popularity. This product is unique to Golspie Mill where it is made from roasted yellow field peas milled through three sets of mill stones to produce a fine yellow flour. Traditionally used for making peasemeal brose, (adding meal to boiling milk or water with a knob of butter and seasoning to taste) it has many quick innovative modern uses and can be used as a crispy coating for fish or chicken, adds a lovely flavour to white sauces, and makes very healthy vegetarian pate.


Beremeal is a creamy coloured whole flour made from bere, an ancient and genetically pure variety of barley grown in Scotland since around 2000BC. Bere is now grown only in the far north of Scotland, Orkney and Shetland and the Western Isles. The grain is dried on the kiln at Golspie Mill, providing an earthy, nutty flavour and then ground through three sets of millstones. Beremeal makes excellent bannocks and blinis and adds flavour and texture to other baking. Golspie Mill flours and meals.

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